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The United States has many law firms operating nationwide, many of those catering to Personal Injury Cases - just like yours. Examples include Morgan and Morgan or the Cochran Firm. These firms rely on a vast network of experience and expertise - And, Fair-and-Square will connect you to them!

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As a former case lawyer of Morgan & Morgan I know the American lawyer landscape - in and out. My list comprises top-notch law firms from coast to coast, stretching from New York to Los Angeles. Said comprehensive list includes well-known law firms, from Morgan and Morgan to the Cochran Firm - and many more. Each list includes contact details and reviews.

About the Provider

Sven Volker, LL.M., Founder

"Having been schooled on top-notch U.S. Law Schools and having been a trial lawyer for Morgan & Morgan, Chicago, for more than four years, I gained substantial knowledge in America's Personal Injury Landscape. What always struck me as odd (not coming from the states - I'm German), is that there is so much Marketing going on in the law sector - yet I was still to discover a single handy list that, well, lists - fair and square - all big American law firms, operating nationwide and specializing in Personal Injury Law. Such an extensive list would have proven vastly valuable to American folks - So I decided to compile one"

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"I suffered from a range of work injuries - after that, I couldn't put my mind to dealing with all this "law stuff". Sven's list helped me back on track again. Thanks again."
Mary-Lou Jonay, Customer Care Specialist, San Francisco
"I was injured as a car accident and couldn't rely on local lawyers with flashy ads... I was disappointed and, in the end, found this site. Thanks God. Thumbs up, Sven."
Peter Wellington, Real Estate Agent, New York
"I can relate to what Sven did here. Americans go crazy over ads, yet, they don't consult something simple as a list. Back to basics, guys. Get Sven's list!"
Casey Burns, Biology Professor, Newark
"Seriously, this list saved me SO MUCH time. I was googlin X hours, seriously. Then I found fair-and-square downloaded the list and found a lawyer that actually listened."
Jordan Leeh-Nah, Marketing Executive, Chicago
"I had a complicated injury case, I must admit. Many lawyers didn't want to take me on. All good in the end tho. Found a decent lawyer using Svens list. Thanks, bro."
Edgar Waters, Store Clerk, Washington

About Me

Having been with Morgan and Morgan Law for several years, I realized that the U.S. Law industry lacks one thing above all: clarity and ease. Trying to put those elements back, I started this service. So, try me!
Fair-and-Square.com seeks to give users in need - mostly, people injured and suffering - simple and straight-forward help: A list of Lawyers that operate nationwide and can be contacted swiftly.

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